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Review Date:   09/27/2019 

Bride & Belle is unassuming on the outside, but inside awaits a variety of hundreds of beautiful gowns! The staff are extremely helpful and it feels like a family atmosphere. The woman who does alterations is such a sweetheart and will do however many appointments you need until your dress fits you comfortably and perfectly. The team at Bride & Belle is stellar and I highly recommend shopping there for your wedding dress!


Review Date:  09/18/2019

Bride-n-Belle is fantastic! I found my dream dress here and could not have been happier! A great selection of dresses, reasonably priced, and amazing staff! Especially with the alterations - it was a fantastic experience. Shop here!!


Review Date:  09/09/2019

This place was amazing. I called ten mins before we showed up and they took me right in. I had no idea what kind of dress I wanted but the owner helped me with everything. They were so attentive and so nice. I loved that you can browse thru the dresses yourself I never felt rushed and they let me try on so many dresses. I have to say I love that they do everything to veils head pieces and alterations there. I can’t say enough about this place. It was the first place I went and fell in love with a dress and veil and said yes to the dress! The staff there were amazing!!!

Review Date:  07/05/2019

This family-owned salon in Medford is charming and all of the ladies are super sweet. They were patient as I tried on dress after dress, letting me take my time to evaluate each one. Not at all pushy like I had experienced in other shops. I didn’t think I would have a “this is THE dress” feeling until I fell in love with an Allure gown at Bride N Belle. It even brought a tear to my eye. It was *almost* perfect. Val worked some magic and then it was perfect. I felt absolutely beautiful on our big day. Glad that I found them and so happy to support a local business!


Review Date: 06/14/2019

This place is an absolute gem, and everyone is such a pleasure to work with. They have a seemingly endless selection of beautiful dresses that match most price points. They are also extremely supportive. I went in thinking I knew what dress I wanted, showing them all my pinterest photos of various dresses. Turns out, I didn't love those dresses on me. That can be a scary realization, but the wonderful ladies at Bride-n-Belle encouraged me to look at different styles, and I found the dress of my dreams. They were also really great with helping my bridesmaids with their dresses and super flexible with the schedule for altering my dress. They also altered my dress so that it looks stunning but remains comfortable. I wish I could give this place ten stars. If you want a professional, beautiful, and KIND environment for a bridal salon, stop what you are doing and come here!

Review date:  8/2/2018 

Had a wonderful time wedding dress shopping at Bride n Belle boutique. They have huge selections of wedding dresses and was within my budget! I definitely recommend this place to any bride!!!!

Review date: 7/27/2018

I bought my wedding dress a few weeks ago at this wonderful boutique! I had scheduled a dress appointment for myself, my bridesmaids and future mother-in-law, thinking that this would be one of many stops along the way. Turns out that the FIRST dress these wonderful ladies selected for me was the one I eventually said yes to. From the moment we walked into the store, we were treated with respect and support. The women who attended us knew exactly what kinds of dresses would fit my vision. They made everything SO easy for us and they were super nice and patient. I got a gorgeous dress, way under budget, and also had fun with my bridesmaids seeing what dressed might work well for them too. It was a great experience and we were gifted with champagne once the decision was made. A wonderful, magical experience. Thank you!

Review date:  7/21/2018

I had such a great experience at Bride-n-Belle!! I was finally able to say "Yes to the dress" here after visiting so many other bridal salons. Kayla listened so carefully to what I was looking for in a dress (which was pretty specific), respected my decisions about what dresses to try on and which not to, and allowed me to look at the entire dress selection to make choices. She was very knowledgeable about the dresses but also gave me time to form my own opinions as I tried them on and made selections. She was incredibly patient and supportive. After deciding that one dress I had tried on was the one, I was unable to bring any family or friends with me to say "yes". Kayla and Teresa clearly went out of their way to treat me like family and make the moment feel special. Additionally, I made last minute appointments on both days and this was accommodated without a problem. Excellent and unique experience so far. I love the family owned tradition and commitment that runs so strong at this store. Thank you so much Kayla and Teresa...I am so thankful for both of you! I look forward to writing another positive review in the future after dress alterations!!

Review date:   7/16/2018 

Great experience at Bride N Belle. In my dress search, I went to 11(!) different bridal shops across MA and NH looking for a dress $1,800 and under. I found a dress here that I liked for under $1,000! They have a larger selection of dresses under $1,000 than any of the other stores that I went to. It is very much a mom and pop shop, and they are very patient with no sales pressure. They were also not off put with my price point, unlike some of the other stores that I visited. I enjoyed being able to browse the dresses instead of just having the sales person chose a few for me to try on. With that said, the dress I chose was actually one that the salesperson chose for me, and probably would not have been a dress that I chose myself! They also matched a beautiful veil with it that I purchased as well. It was very sweet that they gave me a bottle of prosecco when I said yes to the dress! They also gave my mom a mini bottle so that we could have a toast when we got back to the house. So far, I am very pleased. Note: You cannot park in the small lot to the right of the building, but I had no problem finding on street parking on the street to the left of the building. I will also update after I do the alterations.

Review date:  7/16/2018 

This is not so much a bridal shop as it is a magical place full of fairy godmothers and good vibes. Teresa, Jo, and Val are so knowledgeable and provide an amazing experience for everyone who walks in. They know how to make you feel special and look good for your special day, and will help you every step of the way. This is no David's Bridal. You are truly in good hands here with people who want nothing more than for you to look beautiful and be happy. Do yourself a favor and go to Bride n Belle

Review date:  6/17/2018

The wedding is over so now it's time to give kudos to this wonderful bridal salon. It was such a wonderful experience to be with my daughter trying on gowns here and then to ultimately pick it up when it was ready. These ladies who work there take great pride in their store and the special service they provide at such an important time in a girl's life. We were made to feel important and special the entire time. Although I'll never get the chance to look for a wedding gown again with my daughter, I would definitely recommend this store to anyone who is looking to see a huge selection of gowns and to be guided through the process by very experienced and sweet ladies.

Review date:   5/31/2018


We had our beach wedding in May 2018 and once I got to Bride-n-Belle Boutique, I knew it was the place for me. It a family-oriented boutique where the women who work there are all so sweet and charismatic to what I was looking for on my wedding day. The suggestions were appreciated to my ideas and body type, the time frames were greatly managed, the fittings were scheduled to what I needed and just to my attention, and the seamstress is amazing (she has great outlooks and ideas of what to do with your dress, detail, and your body type, too). They also have a bunch of fun, modern and classic bridesmaids dresses there, too. I should point out that I did all my alterations there, too. I also purchased my prom dresses there when I was younger! All together, we had an amazing wedding day and the dress was gorgeous and fit perfect. Thank you Bride-N-Belle Boutique!


Review date:  February , 2016


"As soon as I walked into Bride 'N' Belle, the owner Teresa said: "I know the perfect dress for you." She went upstairs to find it and I proceeded to pull about eight other dresses off the rack. The first one I tried on was the one Teresa suggested and she was exactly right. I bought it on the spot and didn't try any others. She proceeded to accommodate my rush date (I was purchasing a dress in February for a May wedding), assured me that any alterations could be completed in time, and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Up until this point, I had tried on about 40 dresses in four other bridal shops and none of them felt right. I'm petite, so I didn't want something poofy with a lot of fabric and my personality doesn't fit with overly "bride-y." (Although she has those dresses, too.) As you can imagine, most bridal shops don't have a plethora of options that fit my parameters. Teresa has a HUGE selection all in a very affordable price range. If you want the ivory couches and the white walls and the beautiful natural light of a high-end bridal shop, you won't find that here. What you will find is outstanding customer service, an owner who has been in the industry for decades and a staff that truly cares about your big day in a genuine way. Those are the things that matter in finding "the dress." This is my first Yelp review EVER, so that should tell you how strongly I feel about my experience with Bride 'N' Belle. I highly recommend stopping in."




Review date: December 2015


"Terese and her staff were so awesome!! They helped me find the perfect dress at the perfect price and we're wonderful to work with throughout the fitting process. After a terrible experience at another dress shop it was such a relief to find Bride-n-Belle. They really got me excited again and made the whole experience great for me and my family. You can really tell that they take care of everyone like family. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!"



Review date: October 2015


"There is an upper level completely dedicated to brides, and appointments are for one bride at a time to give you all the attention. From the very beginning of our experience I felt special and comfortable. My attendant asked for pictures or a description of what I was looking for (a lace ball gown). I wasn't sure if the dress even existed considering I had tried on tons of dresses already, and looked through pretty much all the wedding magazines, gown apps, even pictures of weddings I had been to recently and couldn't find anything I actually wanted to spend money on. My attendant's response to my description was, "I know exactly what you're looking for. Wait here, I'm going to get your dress." Sure enough it was everything I wanted! Best customer service and truly gifted employees. The seamstress was incredible as well and very very reasonable!"




Review date: October 2015


"I went in to get my dress and was greeted by the kindest staff. Not only did they make me feel fully comfortable the entire time, they listened to my opinion. As a bride, it is so important for your opinion to be heard, especially about the dress. Every step of the way I was asked how I was feeling. Amazingly comfortable environment. I'd never go anywhere else for a wedding dress!!"



Review date: October 2015


"I  have been going to Bride and Belle for over 10 years, and as soon as I got engaged I knew I would be seeking their help to find me the dress of my dreams! Teresa has always been amazing helping me find dresses, and they found me the demetrios dress of my dreams and even customized it! The top was a white lace bodice but I really wanted some diamonds/sparkle on it as I love a glitz dress. They were able to tailor the dress to my body, then hand glue swarovski crystals to the gown to make it one of a kind.. it was STUNNING!!! I cannot thank them enough for all the help. They did my 8 bridesmaid gowns, my mothers gown and my mother in laws dress, all which came out perfect! Thank you for everything bride and belle!"



Review date: September 2015


" I went in to get my dress and was greeted by the kindest staff. Not only did they make me feel fully comfortable the entire time, they listened to my opinion. As a bride, it is so important for your opinion to be heard, especially about the dress. Every step of the way I was asked how I was feeling. Amazingly comfortable environment. I'd never go anywhere else for a wedding dress!!"

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